Sensei Joe Lanier

Sensei Joe Lanier served his country with 82nd Airborne Military Police, 210th MP company in Sylva NC and the 20th Group in Camp Blanding Florida.  He was a correctional officer in the Florida State Prison system and holds a Fine Arts degree from UNC Asheville. Sensei Lanier has studied Karate with Hanshi Doug Perry for over 26 years and currently holds the rank of Godan, 5th degree, in Shorin-Ryu Kensankai.  Sensei Lanier opened his dojo in Travelers Rest SC to preserve and pass on his teachers’ style of karate. The Shorin-Ryu Kensankai has a direct lineage and connection to the island of Okinawa make the training experience at his dojo very similar to what a student would experience at a traditional Okinawan dojo.  Sensei Lanier actively trains with his senior instructors in Hendersonville NC.  Sensei Lanier's experience combined with the deep teaching resources of the Shorin-Ryu Kensankai organization result in a unique traditional dojo experience where a student can study the traditional martial art of Okinawan Karate.  Sensei Lanier fosters an open, friendly, and family oriented athmosphere in the dojo,  Helping students strive to do their best not only in their study of Karate, but also to develop their ability to deal with all of life's challenges is his ultimate goal.